Harvest Sangria

Oct 20, 2017 | Food | Leave a Comment
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Fri-YAY!! I’m going to take it back and reshare this recipe with you. This one’s for the adults! My very own harvest sangria specialty. It’s filled to the brim with warm fall flavors! So put on a comfy sweater, prop up your feet and enjoy this delicious yet easy to make fall drink!

Recipe (Serves Four):

Cut Apple (I’m Using Honey Crisp Apple) Into Thin Slices
Place in Cocktail Shaker
Add 1/2 Cup Spiced Rum
Muddle Apple and Rum Together in Shaker
Harvest Simple Syrup (Equal Parts Dark Brown Sugar & Water With Cloves)
Place Harvest Simple Syrup in Container
Strain Apple and Rum Mixture in Container with Simple Syrup
Add 12 oz of Crisp Apple Cider (5% Alcohol)
Add 1/2 Cup of Red Wine
Add Pinch of Cinnamon
Mix, Pour Over Ice and Enjoy!

Disclosure: You May Not Taste The Alcohol, Please Drink Responsibly!

Happy Friday!

Xo Ayesha

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